Alpha Dust Intense Pre-Workout

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Are you ready to be Alpha? DMDGoals presents our first supplement Alpha Dust which is a pre-workout meant to give you a serious pump. Our main ingredient is Citrulline Malate sitting at 6000 mg per serving! This is the appropriate dose for individuals looking to have amazing workouts. Also included in Alpha Dust is L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Niacin (Vitamin B3), & much more!


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6 reviews for Alpha Dust Intense Pre-Workout

  1. Pat Willis

    I am definitely satisfied with the Alpha Dust pre-workout. Not only did it give me energy and a serious pump, but the flavor was great too. This will be my new go to product and I look forward to future flavors.

    • DMDGoals

      Thank you for your awesome feedback!

  2. Jared Aversano

    This is not like any other pre wokouts. This pre workout actually makes you focused and not just hyped up. Definitely great for those looking to capitalize on there gains.

    • DMDGoals

      We appreciate your feedback.

  3. Marissa Abe

    Would definitely recommend this product to anyone! It’s been the best pre-workout I have ever taken. It tastes great, I stayed focus and pushed myself more than usual. Other pre-workouts wore off quickly leaving me with low energy during the end of my workout and did not taste as good. This will for sure be my go to pre-workout from now on!

    • DMDGoals

      Thank you we focus on giving you all great products. More to come soon!

  4. Drake A

    Alpha Dust is the perfect pre-workout! Insane pump, focus, and energy all wrapping in one formula.

    • DMDGoals

      Thank you we appreciate your feedback!

  5. Solomon Williams

    This preworkout hits! Definitely makes you want to lift something

    • DMDGoals

      Thanks stay DMD!

  6. Mike Kee

    I’ve used many pre-workouts, this is the only one that lasted my entire workout. The flavor is outstanding unlike most pre-workouts. Great product with an amazing pump!

    • DMDGoals

      Thank you for your feedback!

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